Team Building


Teambuilding activities are produced with one main goal in mind: to bring collogues closer together and forge a strong sense of comradery through productive teamwork. In our experience, the most successful, and memorable teambuilding events are ones that don’t resemble an average day in the office. We can help you plan a team building event that breaks the bounds of the conference room and fosters a strong bond between employees and enhances teamwork skills. Whether it is a community service related activity to give back, like helping build bicycles for children in need, or a classic, Margarita Mix-off group challenge, we create experiences that are tailored specifically to your team and enjoyable rewarding for all!


Not only providing your standard scavenger hunt, Fudale is able to create unique, out-of-the-box experiences that will leave guests with lasting impressions and enhance company relationships. Fudale has custom-built and hosted experiences where guests worked alongside famous band members to create an original song, specific to their group, which was later performed onstage at their final night event; a perfect ending to a successful program. Another custom-developed activity hosted by Fudale included a 5k race down the famed Las Vegas BLVD, which encouraged physical fitness and boosted the group’s own, in-company healthcare plan. No matter the activity, you can count on Fudale to provide an extraordinary and rewarding experience for your guests!

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