Event Staffing


Helpful, friendly and very capable, our dedicated and highly experienced staff are present throughout your entire visit, from welcoming you upon arrival to overseeing your entire production ensuring a flawless event and an unforgettable experience. Fudale Staff are experts in transportation management and event operations, and most importantly, they CARE. Trained to handle any possible situation an event could present, you can rest assured that your guests are in the best hands possible, and that your on-site, last minute event needs are managed with consideration, enthusiasm and efficiency.


Fudale uses the latest trends you see in everyday life, adding a unique and fun twist to even the most basic of services. One of these, is the incorporation of Sign Spinning with our Fudale Staff members. For your next event, spice up your standard directional signage with an oversized spinning sign from one of our fabulous staff, to really grab guests’ attention. Whether it’s at the airport, or at the entrance to your event, sign spinning and our smiling and enthusiastic staff will provide a warm welcome for your guests.

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