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Our experiences extend beyond the Strip, from helicopter tours with unparalleled birds-eye-views of the stunning Las Vegas Strip or magnificent Hoover Dam, to the fast-paced thrills of exotic car racing we will create an interactive activity to meet your every whim! With Fudale planning your next activity or tour, you can rest assured that we will be there every step of the way to minimize your stress, and maximize your guests' experience.


Fudale is notorious for putting our own creative twist on an activity or tour for an extraordinary and memorable experience, that will be customized specifically for your guests. Perhaps you are considering a classic dune buggy tour through the scenic trails of the Mojave Desert for your next activity. Why not top-off this adventure by including a stop at the oldest saloon in Las Vegas for a refreshing toast and delicious meal at the end of your ride? Set in the heart of the majestic desert landscape, the world-famous, Pioneer Saloon provides the perfect setting after an afternoon tour, offering a rich history and heritage of the old mining towns, Hollywood of yesteryear and the Wild West! Clark Gable once waited at the bar for three days awaiting the news of his wife’s fate after a deadly plane crash at Mount Potosi in 1942. Let us go above and beyond to ensure your experience is unforgettable and especially, unique!

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